Dino Longo Sabanovic

Writer / Director

Dino is a young Bosnian actor-director and writer. His career moves between theatre and cinema, where he acts and directs. He studied acting with the great Larry Moss. He was selected by Bela Tarr as one of the 10 young directors who collaborate with the Hungarian director on a collective film that was presented at the Locarno film Festivals 2019. The Tempest, his first short film was shoot entirely on an iPhone and has been selected for several festivals. Dino recently founded his own production company 2roomsproductions with which he produced his first feature film NADA.

Francis Castelli


After thirty years as a  TV  producer and  director, working on  a  diverse range of high
end  projects  across  advertising, documentaries, numerous music videos,  the occasional feature film  and even art projects  - the  truth is I still love the magic of turning a script idea into a piece of film.
“I  believe  even  the  simplest  stories  can benefit from being  expressed  in a  beautiful and cinematic way”.

Heidi Mumford-Yeo


Heidi Mumford-Yeo’s debut novel PEUNUMBRA, a dark psychological thriller was listed at the top of the Amazon charts and she is currently working on the prequel, Antumbra. She has a series of children’s books in publication, ‘The Adventures of Freddy’ highlighting the importance of conservation and animal rights. Heidi is currently working alongside an experienced production team on her latest project which is for television. Her background has attracted Heidi to powerful and compelling human interest narratives depicting social challenges, as well as profound and evocative stories of personal triumph over adversity, mental health crisis and themes on social injustice.

Heidi has a law degree and is currently an MSt student at the University of Cambridge and plans to continue her PhD in Literature.

July Hygreck


“Since almost always, it is through images, visuals, and frames that I have viewed the world. I’ve always dreamt of creating films.”

July directed her first short film at the age of 17 and went on to study at Penninghen Art school Paris. Her first feature film, ‘Blockbuster’, was the first original Netflix France film which was released on January 24, 2018. Since then she has been signed to direct two further feature films that are currently in development and commissioned to direct a new series for French TV.

“I know that I speak in the language of images all the time, in any case, that's what I want to explore”

Katy Hogan


'Katy Hogan' is the dual writing talents of Doretta Sarris Hogan and Katy Scott. Doretta was a prominent magazine writer and editor of leading women's glossies through the eighties and nineties, and helped launch BBC1's The Clothes Show magazine in conjunction with the top-rated TV series, to which she also contributed. A successful freelance career followed, where Doretta specialised in celebrity interviews, before recently switching to fiction. Katy grew up in New Orleans and Hertfordshire. She followed her Bachelor of Education, Honours degree at The University of Surrey with a gap year, travelling round the world before commencing a rewarding, and often challenging, teaching career in inner city London schools. However, relishing new experiences, she quickly adapted to a new life when she and her husband moved to Hong Kong for three years. Katy has always derived great satisfaction from creative writing – be it poetry, children’s stories or the songs she has written, sung and recorded with bands. Writing the five star novel ‘Out of the Darkness’, with co-author Doretta Hogan, and later adapting it into a six part drama for television, has proved to be an all- absorbing experience which she has enjoyed immensely.

Lichelli Lazar-Lea


Lichelli Lazar-Lea - Writer.
Born in Trinidad, raised in England and receiving a scholarship from BAFTA/LA to study at UCLA Film School, Lichelli Lazar-Lea has a truly international reach to her storytelling. Genre-wise she writes everything from twisty supernatural and crime thrillers to comedies and biographies. An extract from her memoir about meeting her biological father for the first time at age 19 went viral on Facebook, amassing over 1.6M views to date.

Lucille Howe


Lucille Howe is an actress and award-winning writer. As a journalist of more than 20 years, her work has been published in, among other publications, The Guardian, Sunday Times’ Style, The Telegraph and Grazia. During her time as Features Editor on Cosmopolitan magazine, Australia, she wrote the novel Bondi Blonde on which her feature film Bondi Britt is based.

Luke Jin

Writer / Director

Luke is a British film director and screenwriter of mixed English and Chinese descent. He studied at the MET Film School and has an affinity for creating touching, character-based stories with a comedic charm and an atmospheric visual style.

Luke wrote and directed his debut short film ‘La Boulangerie’, a culture clash comedy set in rural France. It went on to win multiple awards at festivals around the world including screening at Chelsea Film Festival in New York, winning best short at the Best Short Fest in Canada and Best Drama at LA short Awards, amoung other accolades.

Mitch Corrigan

Writer / Director

Mitch Corrigan is a young filmmaker from the South West. Starting out making action films when he was eight, he now writes and directs intimate, raw, introspective fiction that deals with truths and conflicts of the human spirit through lens of young people. With a background in acting, he puts a deep emphasis on performance, as well as script and story.

Trelawney Bresic

Writer / Producer

Screenwriter, Producer, Author,  Writer and Executive Producer: Her most recent film ' I Won't Say I Love You', 2020 (Los Angeles Independent Short Awards 2020 - Winner, Best Romantic Comedy; New York International Film Awards 2020 - Winner, Best Romantic Comedy; Houston Comedy Film Festival 2020 - Finalist, Best Romantic Comedy).  Writer: I Warn You Not to Be Ordinary (theatre, political satire) - Winner, Capital Festival of New Writing, 2010.  Genres: Rom-com, Satire, Crime, Biography.

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